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Tax Planning

No one appreciates a surprise tax bill at the end of the year. We take a proactive approach to reviewing your tax strategy considering your investment management and planned giving. We want to make sure any tax advantages can be utilized as you build your future. We take a multi-year perspective on integrated tax planning and provide tax-advantaged vehicles for donations and charitable giving. TriCord Advisors is happy to work with our client’s CPA or refer an experienced professional.

Why Tax Planning is Important

Thoughtful tax planning is vital for any wealth-management strategy. Advance tax planning can provide benefits year to year that add up to a significant impact on your financial future. TriCord Advisors invests in a tax advantaged way, as well as works closely with your CPA to create a customized tax efficient plan.

What we can do for you

Here’s a preview of what our tax planning services cover:

Review of Tax Returns

We review your tax returns to make sure all tax advantages are being recognized. We provide a secure e-file storage system for your convenience to keep track of important documents-such as tax returns.

Planned Giving

We strategize with you about tax advantaged planned giving options. If you are ready to make a sizable planned gift over one year or more, we structure your finances to best utilize this gift. This may Donor Advised Funds, foundation planning, bunching, and donating appreciated stock.

1031 Exchanges

If you own real estate, you need to understand how 1031 exchanges and a step up in basis will impact your future. If you are not sure how these items work—don’t worry, we do. We discuss with you what tax advantages might make sense for your life and your future.

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